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New album "Atraments" coming June 16 (on CD from Malignant Records)

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released June 8, 2017

"...but the whole sphere that hangs over this album, like a mysterious veil, a mist of mysticism, has been created so deeply touching, so correctly pointing at the core of magic realism." -

"It’s silly to talk about any album “redefining how you think about X”, but in this particular case it is a little difficult to avoid. Anima Nostra’s take on death industrial, ritual ambient and about five other genres is absolutely spectacular, and may actually modify your personal take on music in general." -

" truly brought out a feeling of dread and fear, as if God himself were coming down from the Heavens and you could only sit and wait knowing that no matter what you did there was no saving yourself. I believe that vulnerability is exactly what Anima Nostra was trying to play upon and if they were they did it extremely well." -



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Nordvargr Sweden

"Henrik Nordvargr Björkk has since 1988 explored the broad field of the post-industrial scene, covering experimental electronics, dark ambient, drone, EBM and avantgarde.

In parallel to his band activities, he has pursued a solo career with a vast amount of record releases. He is widely considered one of the most influential and productive post-industrial artists ever."
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